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Quick Facts about the Addax

Greetings once again friends of Timbavati Wildlife Park and welcome back to this week’s topic, the Addax. This native of the Sahara Desert has adapted to a climate that bests many other animals. Like the camel, its hooves are adapted to the desert sand. Think of a snow shoe which permits us to walk appoint drifts or how we have to work twice as hard to walk on the beach. These adapted feet permit the addax to be sure footed in the desert.

The addax has a highly concentrated urine. This feature allows it to live on the moisture in the plants that it forages during the dry seasons in Africa. It absolutely will drink if presented with a source of water but can do very well without it as needed.

The addax also has a seasonal coat that changes colors from grayish-brown in the winter to white in the summer. This facilitates absorption and repulsion of the sun in either season. The addax primarily functions nocturnally in the summer choosing to forage nocturnally to beat the heat.

Here are more fun facts available to you in this week’s video! Talk to you next week!

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