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Quick Facts about the Giraffe

The giraffe is a tall and elegant creature that lives in Africa. They are one of the tallest animals in the world and can weigh up to 1,600 pounds. Giraffes have long necks and legs, and their coats are patterned with dark patches of brown or black separated by light-colored areas. They eat leaves from trees and other plants, using their long tongues to reach the food. Giraffes live in herds of females and their offspring, but males often live alone.

Giraffes give birth to just one calf, which they usually care for only a few months. They are most vulnerable when giving birth. The young can stand soon after birth, but they are very weak. Mother giraffes feed their calves for up to a year with milk that is very high in fat and contains a lot of sugar.

Giraffes have been going through a tough time with their numbers greatly reduced because of poaching and habitat loss. They are currently at risk of extinction, along with three other species of African mammals. Scientists estimate they have seen a 30% decline in the number of giraffes over the last 15 years, and there may be fewer than 80,000 left.

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