Ring Tailed Lemurs

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Quick Facts about the Ring Tailed Lemurs

The Ring Tailed Lemur is a prosimian endemic to the island of Madagascar. It is the most common lemur in the country, and lives in a variety of habitats, including rainforest, dry deciduous forest, and scrubland. The Ring Tailed Lemur is omnivorous, eating mostly fruits and leaves, but also insects, nectar, and small vertebrates.

As with most prosimians, the Ring Tailed Lemur’s gestation period is about 133 days. Between 3 and 5 infants are born at a time. For the first week of life, the infants remain hidden in the nest while their mother goes out to get food.

For their first few weeks of life, infants can only see lemurs close to them. It is uncommon for multiple generations of lemur siblings to live in the same nest together, but it has been known to happen.

The Ring Tailed Lemur’s habitat is being threatened by illegal logging and farming.


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